Blueberry Jam

I’m trying to be better this year about small batches. I have some gene in me that requires me to can like a nuclear apocalypse is imminent. I guess I figure why go to all the trouble — which if I’m honest is barely any trouble at all — to can only a few jars. While digging out from the apricots I noticed that I had almost two pints of blueberries wasting away in the fridge. I considered apricot-blueberry conserve of some sort but then remembered that I do know a few people who love plain old blueberry jam. The canning pot was already full and boiling with all those apricots so why not?

Aren't you glad I didn't say apricot?

DATE: 07/31/2010
FRUIT: 2 cups mashed blueberries
SOURCE: farmers market
COST: $9
RECIPE: I halved the pomona pectin recipe and added a teaspoon of dried lemon zest
YIELD: 2 half-pints and another quarter-pint in the fridge
TASTE: yummy


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  2. melissa said

    do you have an asparagus steamer? that’s what I’ve been using for the small (teeny) batches.

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