Peach Salsa

Same as last year except we made a double batch and canned it in pints. Eight ounces just got used up too fast.

peach salsa

DATE: 08/03/2009
FRUIT: 20 peaches, 6 jalapeños, 1 large red onions, 3 red peppers (two were really small)
SOURCE: farmer’s market, CSA, and from the garden
COST: $10
RECIPE: OMG Peach Salsa from the Lazy Locavores
YIELD: 7 pints
TASTE: once again there was none left in the pot but I’m sure it tastes great



  1. melissa f. said

    made it yesterday and i’m so glad i did!

  2. Do you actually eat yours? My jars of peach salsa were perhaps the most disappointing thing we put up last summer. I’m genuinely considering throwing them out.

  3. Erin in PA said

    This recipe is AMAZING! Thank you SO much for linking to it – I have now made this 3 times, and plan on making another batch tomorrow. It is SO delicious, and I am making more for holiday presents for the school personnel that I work with!

  4. […] : 8 pints apricot-rosemary jam : 10 quarter-pints blueberry jam : 2 half-pints peach salsa : 7 pints raspberry jam : 16 half-pints razzleberry jam : 9 half-pints pasta sauce : 9 quarts barbecue sauce […]

  5. cafecasey said

    This is my go-to peach salsa recipe every year! Today’s the day!

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