A Bushel of Tomatoes =

Wall of Tomatoes

So this is what you get from a bushel of tomatoes. Actually two pints of the barbecue sauce pictured are from last year. Still, mighty impressive if I do say so myself. Since everyone is thinking about tomatoes at this point in canning season — whether they participate in the can jam or not — I did want to mention one tomato product that I didn’t make, Tomato Jam.

If you have 4 pounds of tomatoes hanging around, make it. If you like hard boiled egg, tomato, mayo sandwiches on toast eaten over the sink in the heart of the summer, make it. If you live south of the Mason-Dixon line or maybe wish you did, make it. It is seriously good stuff and under-appreciated if you ask me. I make mine with cumin but there are lots of recipes out there. I encourage you to give it a try.



  1. Stephanie said

    super-impressive! I don’t can tomatoes because my daughter is allergic 😦

  2. I usually just can crushed tomatoes and tomato soup. I do make a few batches of ketchup for the year and some of my tomatoes get used in chutney every couple years. I prefer cooking up all my sauces & stuff in the winter from the crushed tomatoes.

    I must try the tomato jam though, sounds heavenly. I love making roasted tomatoes and eating them with eggs on toast.

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