Canned Peaches

This month’s can jam challenge ingredient is stone fruits. You may remember we went crazy for apricots back in July, and there were sour cherries before that. Peaches are what’s happening right now and earlier in the month I canned some more slices for our February eating pleasure.

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DATE: 09/1/2010
FRUIT: about 40 peaches
SOURCE: farmer’s market, I bought a half-bushel crate for $25
COST: $18

peel the peaches by cutting a small x in the bottom and scalding them, then submerging them in cold water
pit the peaches and slice — I find slices to be much more useful than halves
in the meantime make a 3:1 water:sugar ratio syrup, you do not need much of it
I put the slices in the syrup and bring the whole thing up to a boil
with a slotted spoon hot pack the slices into quart jars
cover with syrup leaving a half-inch headspace
using a wooden skewer or the handle of a wooden spoon make sure any air pockets or bubbles are released, add more syrup as necessary — this step is very important!
put the lids on and process for 30 minutes in a boiling water bath
YIELD: 6 quarts
TASTE: delish



  1. josie said

    I just stumbled across your latest blog and I love it! I don’t know how it has escaped my notice for so long but I am so very glad I found it. I am living away from my home for a year and while I got a good jump start on jam for the year I didn’t manage anything else, but just looking at all your pictures of canned summer food is sustenance enough! I wondered if you might consider writing a list of your favorite tools and canning equipment, I’d love to know what works for you. Best wishes,Josie

  2. […] canned peaches – putting byshe’s right when she tells you: get those air bubbles out and get some more syrup in there! […]

  3. […] I can them with a lighter syrup so they are great to use for making cobbler or crisp too. I use the same method as usual and ended up with 5 beautiful golden […]

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