Last winter I perfected my smoothie making and it’s about time. I still could use a better blender but until one of those lands in my lap I’ll be getting by with my kitchenaid. I don’t really have any tricks, I think it’s just about getting the proportions right. Once I figured it out though we started blowing through the frozen fruit from last summer. Thankfully there were still blueberries from 2009 that got used first but we had too few strawberries to ever make an appearance in yogurt drinks — we have to save strawberries for a certain girl’s birthday in April. So this year I decided there would be more strawberries in the freezer, turns out that’s about six quarts — all that would fit on two baking sheets — and fills about one-and-a-half ziploc gallon bags. They were topped, individually frozen on the baking sheets lined with silpats, and dumped into the ziploc, ready for smoothies this winter.

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