The last couple of years I would post every time I made a batch of fruit leather or froze a batch of veggies. To be honest, I’m bored of that so I think I’ll just post when I’ve dried or frozen all I plan to do of that particular item since I still want to keep track of what I have. So peas, the shelling kind were procured over the course of three weeks — 18 quarts worth — shelled, blanched, vacuum-sealed, and frozen. Two quarts of shelling peas yields about 1 cup of shelled peas.


All in all I got nine packs of peas. I would have liked to have more, there’s always next year.


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  1. Marisa said

    Just so you know, I always enjoy seeing your preserving updates! I’m not saying you should post more than is enjoyable for you, but do know that I’m reading and appreciating!

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