Rhubarb Syrup


For some reason I got a bug in my bonnet to make rhubarb syrup this year. It seems fruit syrups were sweeping across blog-land and I don’t know, I guess I caught up in the whirlwind. And I do think we’ll be putting the syrup to good use. The kids are really hoping we get one of those sodastreams and I’m thinking it will be good in gin-based cocktails which is something that appeals to my husband — we are even able to get locally produced organic gin.

rhubarb syrup

I followed the instructions from Marisa adjusted to the amount of rhubarb I had. I also canned it in the end into two pint jars, processing for 10 minutes. We haven’t tried it in cocktails yet but I’m hoping to change that soon.
DATE: 06/13/2011
FRUIT: 3 pounds rhubarb
SOURCE: market near my parents’ house
RECIPE: Rhubarb Syrup from Marisa at Food in Jars
YIELD: 2 pints

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