Strawberry Vanilla Butter

The big surprise of the 2010 canning year was the butters. I had never made fruit butter before because I always thought of apple butter and really I think applesauce is a better use for apples and jam is better on toast. Last year though I was intrigued by Marisa‘s blueberry butter and gave it a go, making apricot and peach butters later in the summer as well. Turns out blueberry butter especially was a hot commodity at our annual tree-trimming party. Who knew? So when I had some strawberries in the fridge that needed to be used stat I knew just what to make.

Now, I didn’t have enough berries for a full batch so I halved it and as far as spices the only thing I added was the seeds of a vanilla bean. I ended up with two-and-a-half half-pints and they were so good I knew I’d need to make more. So I knew last weekend was pretty much my last chance to get any decent quantity of strawberries since the season was winding down. I bought a flat of seconds to turn into butter and fruit leather. This time I made a full batch and added the seeds of three vanilla beans — they were stingy with their seeds. It didn’t reduce very quickly so I left it on low overnight. Try sleeping with that smell wafting through your house. The next morning I put on the canning pot and got seven half-pints by scraping every last drop out of the crockpot.

DATE: 06/21/2011
FRUIT: 4 quarts strawberries
SOURCE: farmer’s market
RECIPE: Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter from Marisa at Food in Jars
YIELD: 9 half-pints


  1. Jess said

    How is it that it took me so long to come across this most delicious site? I appreciate your knack for being able to/having to scrape out every last drop from your preserving pot just to fill. that. one. last. jar. Such a satisfying sense of accomplishment!

  2. […] of them went into the blue + black jam but about half were used for blueberry butter. I mentioned before how butters were the surprise hit of the 2010 canning season so I wanted to make sure I got the […]

  3. My husand is from the midwest. His grandmother made grape butter. He said it was so much better than any butters he had eaten before that.
    When we finally land on our homestead I want to grow gooseberries and make jam and butter.


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