Blue + Black Jam

I bought a flat of blueberries and four pints of blackberries at the farmer’s market in the morning and had most of them canned into jam by late afternoon. That’s what I call productivity. And delicious. I essentially made a batch of blueberry jam and a batch of blackberry jam together. Blackberries are a little sour so generally they require a bit more sugar so I just used the proportions off the pectin box for a batch of blackberries and for a batch of blueberries and put them all in one pot. These two berries are such a good combination of flavors. Katie seems to like it at least.

Blue + Black

DATE: 07/16/2011
FRUIT: 3 pints blueberries, 4 pints blackberries
SOURCE: farmer’s market
RECIPE: proportions from the pectin box
YIELD: 17 half-pints

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  1. […] the one I had proposed. Those independent farmers are an honest lot. A bunch of them went into the blue + black jam but about half were used for blueberry butter. I mentioned before how butters were the surprise hit […]

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