Blueberry Butter

When I bought this flat of blueberries at the farmer’s market I negotiated the price with the farmer. Actually he suggested negotiation, I gave him a price, he told me I was no good at this and quoted me a price $10 under the one I had proposed. Those independent farmers are an honest lot. A bunch of the blueberries went into the blue + black jam but about half were used for blueberry butter. I mentioned before how butters were the surprise hit of the 2010 canning season so I wanted to make sure I got the blueberries done.

This batch cooked a long time in the crockpot, like at least 18 or 24 hours long. It wasn’t really on purpose but it just turned out that way. My nephew had a birthday party and we started a home improvement project that is ballooning into something way more labor intensive and I just didn’t have the time or energy to can it on Saturday night. I just left the blueberries in the crockpot on low with the lid on — so they wouldn’t reduce too much — overnight and canned the butter Sunday afternoon. It did reduce a little bit though since I ended up with just over five half-pints instead of the usual seven.

DATE: 07/17/2011
FRUIT: 6 pints blueberries
SOURCE: farmer’s market
RECIPE: Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter from Marisa at Food in Jars
YIELD: 5 half-pints


  1. Mika said

    That’s so awesome that he did that! I always try and negotiate a bit at the farmers market, but never nickle and dime. I don’t want to insult them! LOL! And by the way, this sounds wonderful!

  2. ejconn said

    I had a friend drop off a BOX of blueberries (what is better than fresh blueberries that you didn’t have to pick yourself ?!)

    I put by a Blueberry Ginger Jam every year and thought you might find it interesting. Visit me at

  3. Denise said

    I’m definitely trying the butter. Last years big hit was raspberry vinegar and peach marmalade.Due to a snowstorm in May peaches were not plentiful ,but,this year is looking good.

  4. JenEngland said

    I just put up a batch of blueberry butter last night! Let mine sit for 12 hours and it was just fine. I adore making fruit butters in the slow cooker for that exact reason! Though this is only my second go (I made peach a few weeks ago) I can see this is going to be a new favorite way to preserve the harvest for me.

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