Orange Marmalade

Hey there! So yeah, last time we talked I was drying tomatoes. Not too long after that I canned two bushels of apples as applesauce, half chunky, half smooth. One bushel’s worth went to my brother and his family the other we kept. I think we might run out. My husband also made hard cider and even got a bottle capper thing-a-ma-jig. I had intended to tell you all about it but it happens every year at some point, usually in September, I cannot cope with even thinking about canning for one more second. Often I still have canning left to do, applesauce for example, and so a bushel of apples sits in my kitchen for weeks until the fruit flies drive us crazy. It’s like I use all my September/October/November energy in the canning frenzy that is August.


But about this time, just after the new year, I start thinking about getting down the canning pot. I’m lucky enough to have family that lives in The Golden State so this year I remembered to ask if they would mind sending some citrus our way. While citrus fruits are more plentiful in our stores this time of year I can never get the variety or freshness that they can at their farmer’s market. Shortly after the first box arrived we made a double batch of marmalade. I used a proportion of 2 oranges to 1 lemon. It was a little loose in the jars but hopefully in a few weeks it will have set up nicely.

In the meantime I think I’m going to make some curd with the lemons from the second box and I’m hoping for a third box to make limoncello. I’m also hoping for kumquats, I might just eat them before they get in a jar though. Anybody else making anything citrusy out there?

DATE: 01/29/2012
FRUIT: 8 oranges, 2 lemons
SOURCE: the in-laws
RECIPE: on the sure-jell box
YIELD: 12 half-pints canned plus 4 half-pints in the fridge



  1. jamlover said

    I am attempting to make grape jam, raspberry pepper jelly, strawberry margarita jam, and one of my favorites to make triple citrus rum marmalade. I can’t wait! Love your blog! thanks for sharing!

  2. Claudia Pooler said

    I canned 6 pints of grape jelly this past fall using grapes from the 2 small grape vines in our yard…..I like the jelly, but it used way too much sugar for my budget! I then used 1 cup grapes per quart jar with 1 gallon water and 1 cup sugar…water bath processed this and it made the best grape juice I have ever tasted! I feel good about giving it to my 6 year old because it there is only 1 cup of sugar per gallon

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