Lemon Curd, Candied Kumquats, Strawberry Jam

Lemon curd, candied kumquats, and two kinds of strawberry jam made it into our larder since last we spoke but never got documented here. Papa and I got a doozie of a late season flu shortly after the citrus was canned and once we recovered the end-of-school chaos began. We had a short reprieve where we made two kinds of strawberry jam before heading with the family to Germany for a wonderful vacation.

Truthfully though we haven’t been canning too much so far this year because we have a lot left from last year. We give a lot of jams away at our holiday party and last year circumstances prevented us from having the party so we have a lot of jam still in the pantry. But now that we’re back in the country I’m getting all twitchy about the apricots that are about to be through, and the tomatoes that are on their way, and I wonder if I can still get blueberries? So, expect to see more of me here soon.



  1. Marisa said

    I got Beechwood apricots about two weeks ago and they were gorgeous. I think they should have a few left!

  2. Lisa said

    In one of your posts you mentioned having left over fruit leather that the kids would not eat because it was to dry. If you soak it in a little hot water it will soften so you can stir it into a spread. Use this on camping trips for toast jam.

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